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At X JAGD, we rely on exceptional outdoor materials in order to have top-tier performance and reliability. These “intelligent” materials must fulfill certain special requirements in regard to hunting. Here are a few of our featured technologies:


THERMOLITE® is a brand of INVISTA-High performance and endurance without heat loss. Features top heat and moisture management from physical exertion (through the enlarged surface of the hollow fiber, moisture can diffuse and evaporate faster). Extremely short drying time (20% faster than other insulating materials and 50% faster than cotton). It has an impressive insulation effect from its hollow fibers, as well optimum freedom of movement from its lightweight material. The down has the feeling of high resistance and brings maximum wearing comfort.


KEEP HEAT™ is a registered trademark of the company DYNTEX in support of the most modern Swiss textile technology. Function: Maintaining body heat. In comparison to conventional linings, the temperature increases up to 41°F inside the interior. Clothing: In any weather, the radiated heat from the body is permanently maintained. The thermal property and structure of the linings also prevent heat loss. Outside: Extremely breathable and produces an ideal climate for the body. Products feature the highest level of functionality and comfort, and there is never any loss of function due to repeated washing.


Pontetorto is an extremely lightweight fleece with incredible heat retention. Like all X JAGD products, Pontetorto also has an anti-pilling finish.


The tight fiber compound created from fine, filament yarns is what gives CORDURA its robustness, abrasion resistance, tearing strength. Even a sharp knife cannot damage this material.


The external layer offers a mechanical weather barrier and is extremely hardwearing thanks to the laminated membrane layer. It is wind and weatherproof, and yet has guaranteed breathability. On the inside the warming Pontetorto fleece keeps the wearer comfortable. X JAGD softshell products are products are perfect for hunting, sport and leisure thanks to their lightweight and quiet materials.


This special brand has reinforced fabric and high-stretch characteristics, while maintaining the abrasion-resistance standards and thermal functionality. Incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch all year round.


These fibers are patented cellulose raw materials from the Lenzing company (Austria). The highly functional fibers have excellent moisture management capabilities and are especially skin-friendly. They are breathable, lightweight, quiet, tough, quick drying, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for.


Equipped with a special membrane, the materials separate fluids from gases. Rain cannot penetrate, however perspiration is perfectly wicked away. Two to three layer laminates of outer fabric and special membranes are perfect for any outdoor situation. Additionally, a sewn-in lining offers great wearing comfort. In the case of a three-layer laminate, the internal lining is directly laminated onto the membrane.


During exercise, our body produces up to 34oz of perspiration per hour. Comfort and performance heavily benefit from how much water vapor, and how quickly it is wicked away. The breathability of our materials regulates the moisture-to-air cycle and ensures a balanced climate for your body while on the hunt.


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