About our DEMORPHING® Principle


We proudly present our brand-new DEMORPHING® collection. This breath-taking result of our enthusiastic research and development process opens an entirely new dimension of hunting.

Hunting has become one of the most exciting adventures and way of life for any generation. The spirit of our research is in the blood of our X JAGD team. We devote ourselves to fulfilling the core needs of hunters, as well as creating functional advantages, such as “invisibility.”

As enthusiastic hunters, we find that conventional camouflage patterns are inadequate. So we asked ourselves the ambitious question: How can optical camouflage revolutionize hunting? With DEMORPHING® we have been able to decipher the perception of wild game and achieve breath-taking results. We are beginning a new era of hunting with a clever camouflage collection fit for any international or domestic hunting ground.


The new DEMORPHING® collection cancels out the laws of perception and provides hunters with unimaginable opportunities. We guarantee a surface structure that optically dissolves the hunter into their environment.

Nature has provided wild game with warning instincts on several sensory levels. Their visual perception is very different from the human eye. This is why camouflage is such an important factor for hunting, so we pride ourselves in the fact that our DEMORPHING® camouflage effects a variety of species.

Until now, perceptual research was only aware of three dimensions for arranging camouflage patterns: form, color, and space. With the DEMORPHING® collection, we’ve created a way to make hunters disappear completely. We’ve added the factors of time and motion to the existing equation of form, color, and shape to create the DEMORPHING® principle. This gives you a decisive advantage over wild game.



Particularly suitable for areas with enclosed and dense forest vegetation.


The best choice for medium and high altitudes in the Alps, Rocky Mountains, or Carpathian Mountains, or areas mainly characterized by stone and rock formations.


Suitable for dry sand, stone and earth formations, as well as grasslands. This applies to nearly any African hunting grounds.

TUNDRA Effect:

Perfect for all kinds of winter, snow-covered regions, including high altitude rocky areas and highlands.

FLASH Effect:

This design has dual properties of both camouflage and caution. It combines a maximum amount of camouflage with the highest level of safety, and can be used across all kinds of hunting grounds with different vegetation.



The form of the X CAMO designs was created with regard to the perceptual aspects, simulating the natural environment while simultaneously dissolving the forms. These “chaotic structures” adapt to nature blur within the environment.


X CAMO designs function by blurring the hunter’s motion within the natural movement of the environment. This slow-motion effect makes it difficult for the game to spot the hunter and delays their reaction.


X CAMO designs create a 3D simulation of a natural habitat by dispersing the surface material’s brightness. The designs simulate light, which allow the human form to be lost within the environment.


X CAMO allows the color zones that are “blurred” and “dissolved” to become indistinguishable from their environment. That is why we have created several “color compositions” that adapt perfectly to their respective habitat.


Time is a factor greatly ignored in typical camouflage patterns. The X CAMO effect in our DEMORPHING® collection is revolutionary in this way because it achieves crucial delays in wild game’s reaction instincts.


The DEMORPHING® check shows which factors should be taken into consideration for choosing the proper DEMORPHING® designs in order to receive optimal camouflage. All five of the factors below mutually influence each other.

1. Geo-Spot:

Time is a factor greatly ignored in typical camouflage patterns. The X CAMO effect in our DEMORPHING® collection is revolutionary in this way because it achieves crucial delays in wild game’s reaction instincts.

2. Hunting Ground: 

A sharp study of your hunting ground is also critical. If it is in the mountains or dense forests, MOUNTAIN and WOODLAND are suitable. SAVANNA, on the other hand, is indispensible along lakes and rivers, as well as plains and fields. Still, you must also consider the time of year and changing weather conditions.

3. Vegetation:

MOUNTAIN functions best in stony, rock landscapes, or even within barren tree formations. SAVANNA is perfect for bush and grass savannahs, dry valleys, and plains. WOODLAND is the best choice for lush vegetation, with consideration of the next two points.

4. Season:

Because of the way changing seasons effect vegetation, this also is a factor of which DEMORPHING® design you should choose. For example, MOUNTAIN also functions in barren, wintry forests, and SAVANNA is perfect for summer in certain regions of the USA.

5. Weather: 

The final step for choosing the perfect DEMORPHING® design lies in the weather condition. Weather effects light, contrast and tonality of vegetation, all of which are critical for a hunter’s success. For example, in a well-lit atmosphere where WOODLAND is typically suitable, color of the vegetation can be dulled by fog, and MOUNTAIN becomes the better choice for camouflage.


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